Fort Reagan Sustains Winter Damage

HAMLINIA – Today the President, who serves as Commander-in-Chief of the Oasis Island Armed Forces, inspected The Ronald Wilson Reagan Military Installation and Command Center, also known as Fort Reagan, which serves as the primary command center of the Army (the Naval Command Center is to be built on Loonshore Island this Summer). The fort sustained exterior and landscaping damages with minor damage to the building itself.

After a particularly brutal winter, several large branches fell that landed on the structure, which triggered an Army Corps of Engineers structural test that has not yet been completed. Several landscaping tiles had been shattered, with fragments surrounding the exterior and interior of the fort. The iconic bamboo flagpole and the sign pole, which dates back to when the President moved to the current Oasis Islands in 2005, were toppled.

Structurally,the large door for deliveries completely fell off of the building, exposing the interior to the harsh winter elements. The landscaping for two of the Presidents deceased cats’ graveyard was destroyed also. The trench constructed as part of the military overhaul of the Hamlinian Republic will be inspected for structural integrity as well with the main building.

Due to the damage, Hamlin said that the Department of Defense must appropriate some of the new Naval Base Budget to fix the fort, calling it “of upmost importance to our national security.” This damage comes as preparations for the dedication of the Fort to Ronald W. Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, are beginning to take place. Hamlin also said because the American Flag on the Bamboo pole and the flag placed at the animal graveyard touched the ground, there will be a military flag burying ceremony at Old Fort Hamlin National Park most likely as part of the dedication ceremonies.

The importance of the Fort has increased after promises by Secretary of Defense Daniel Stefanko [C-SI] and President Hamlin have collaborated to increase the amount of weaponry in the nation’s nearly completely homemadearsenal. Plans that apparently involve building a vehicle have been speculated, but that information has been held under wraps. The plans also call for several non-lethal firearms and small IEDs meant to frighten opponents in battle, not to do actual damage. Testing of weapons would occur in a “Military Field Days” event similar to what occurred in the Hamlinian Military.

Although the nation’s threat of being attacked is slim, the military is meant to be a signal the beginning of a new industry within the nation, with the military developments reportedly to be contracted to private companies. This would change the fact that the nation’s main industry is the film industry, which is beginning to show signs of decline. The Casey Hamlin Company, a film studio that remains the nation’s largest company, is reporting large decreases in film production with less films being made between January and April 2013 than in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

With these plans in place, the government hopes to see revitalized industry, job growth in a nation where the majority of citizens are micronationally unemployed and a stronger government presence in a nation where governing is done mostly behind the scenes.

IMG_5805                        IMG_5803                       IMG_5798

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